Advantages & Disadvantages Of E Cigs

Electronic cigarettes or the e-cigarettes short form, are devices that are powered by batteries. These devices are filled with a certain liquid known as nicotine that is a very addictive chemical. This liquid is dissolved in a solution of propylene glycol and water. Many look like a real cigarette as they have a cylindrical tube white in color, brown filter and a red tip. Some are offered in less noticeable and dark color. There are also different types of vaporizers and vape pens that people enjoy vaping with, which are very similar.

The advantages

Currently, there are no regulations that prohibit the consumption of electronic cigarettes in public areas as compared to tobacco products. For example, nurses in hospitals smoke these cigarettes in their specific nursing station. Here are some positive features of these devices/products.

1. A study that was conducted to a group of tobacco smokers showed that smoking e cigsĀ eased the urge to smoke and could be well tolerated after refraining from smoking throughout the night, unlike tobacco.

2. Another study was conducted to a group of smokers who wanted to decrease the health hazards that are related to smoking. However, they did not want to stop smoking completely. This study showed that the Eclipse electronic cigarette greatly reduced the use of cigarettes without causing any symptoms from withdrawal. In addition, when this group consumed Eclipse, the levels of their nicotine in their blood remained almost stable and their urge to stop smoking remained intact. However, this study concluded that Eclipse was not a secure option of cigarette because it raised the levels of carbon monoxide in the blood. Conversely, it resulted to a few considerable adverse effects.
3. Electronic cigarettes have helped some smokers who had a recognized history of frequent unsuccessful attempts to stop smoking through professional smoking ending support method. They were able to quit smoking and stay ascetic for a minimum period of six months. Vape pens also had a similar results – you can checkout the best vape mods to help you get a better understanding of what types you can use.

4. Through a survey that was done in 2010 online, researchers surveyed those who visited the websites and discussion forums associated to the consumption of electronic cigarette and smoke ending. About 3, 587 participated where seventy percent were former smokers, sixty-one percent were men, and the middle age was forty-one years. All those who were involved consumed e-cigarettes for about three months took 120 puffs in a day and five cartridges in one day. Many of them used cartridges that had nicotine. 96% said that the e-cigarette had a great role in their smoking cessation; ninety-two percent said that e-cigarettes helped them reduce their consumption. Very many visitors said that electronic cigarettes helped in decreasing their cravings and avoid going back on cigarettes.

The disadvantages

If you are a good smoker, you should examine both the positive and negative features of the product prior to buying it. You should also do the same to the e-cigarette. Consider what some research indicates about the adverse aspects of the electronic cigarettes.

1. In 2010, a research paper that was printed in tobacco control stated that electronic cigarettes lack significant regulatory aspects like important health cautions, good labeling, and apparent guidelines on how to consume them and secure disposal strategies. It was also found that some cartridges of these devices leaked which is a poisonous contact to nicotine.

2. Another study printed in 2011 on issues of chest discovered that the electronic cigarette leads to sharp pulmonary effects after consuming it for about five minutes, but these effects are not of medical implication. In this study, forty non-smokers were requested to consume electronic cigarette for about five minutes. Thirty non-smokers were used for experimental and the other ten for control. The research group had the nicotine cartridges fitted in the cigarettes used by the experimental group while the control group used e-cigarettes that did not have nicotine cartridges.

When five minutes were done, the function of the lung was tested through various methods. The results showed that just smoking this device for five minutes lead to a raised impedance and oxidative stress in lungs of healthy smokers. They claimed that the test was only done for five minutes thus; there could be increased risks as average smokers take as many puffs in a day as possible. The researchers stated that the advantages could overcome the hazards only if these devices were used for smoking ending.

3. FDA stated the electronic cigarettes may have components that are poisonous to humans because the manufacturers of these products do not submit medical data to them. E-cigarettes might be good for usage, but the concentrations of chemical products may be very high in these products. The marketing efforts of these products may lead to an increase of addiction in young people who end up experimenting with real products of tobacco.